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  • Great Results

    March 01, 2021
    Here we checked the time course effect of y-Tubulin by chemoattractant. read more
  • Easy to Use, Not Reliable

    March 01, 2021
    We wanted to validate our proteomics results with ELISAs on human serum. read more
  • Good PD1 Expression

    March 01, 2021
    Our lab studies development and function of human immune cells. We utilize flow cytometry to identify and study cell population of interest in ... read more
  • Excellent Anti-b-actin Antibody

    March 01, 2021
    We have been using this antibody for many years to detect b-actin in various cell lines using Immunoblotting. read more
  • Anti-CD4 BV711

    March 01, 2021
    This antibody was used to stain for helper T cells in human peripheral blood. It was chosen because it is a commonly used clone for CD4, BV711 is ... read more