Human Stem Cell Total RNA

Human Stem Cell Total RNA

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    EVOLVE Multichannel Manual Pipettes

    Multichannel Manual Pipette Sets Volumes 10x FasterINTEGRA announces the launch of eight and twelve channel versions of its innovative EVOLVE manual pipette. Unlike traditional pipettes which utilize a single rotating plunger to set volumes, each multichannel EVOLVE pipette features three adjustable dials for setting each individual volume digit. Simply depress and twist the plunger to unlock the volume dials. Once unlocked, freely adjust the three dials to rapidly set the desired volume. This ...
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    Synthetic sgRNA (100mer)

    Synthetic single guide (sgRNA) for efficient genome editing - Pure and simple CRISPR application requires 2 key functional elements: target-specific guide RNA and CAS9 enzyme. Scientists have created gRNA using multiple methods, such as transfection of gRNA-expression plasmids, in vitro transcription, or by annealing a short crRNA oligo with a tracrRNA scaffold. Recently, synthetic single guide has been recognized as the preferred way for highly efficient and accurate editing. The synthetic ...
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  • Next-generation microscopy

    Next-generation microscopy

    Our immune system consists of a great variety of cell types fulfilling diverse tasks in monitoring tissue homeostasis to protect against pathogens and to remove damaged cells. To ensure the smooth and controlled functioning of this highly complex system, a fine-tuned coordination is necessary that requires sophisticated communication. For that purpose, immune cells use a wide range of biochemical signaling pathways, activated by soluble proteins or direct cell-cell contacts. Those pathways are also targeted by modern drugs, for instance cancer immunotherapies, that direct the immune response against specific structures or cell types.
  • Genetics are key to hormone therapy lowering risk of broken bones in older women

    Genetics are key to hormone therapy lowering risk of broken bones in older women

    Women at the highest genetic risk for fracture benefit the most from hormone therapy, according to a first-of-its-kind study led by researchers.