Viability/Proliferation/Cytotoxicity Assay Reagents

Viability/Proliferation/Cytotoxicity Assay Reagents The health of the cell is paramount in any cellular experimentation effort. Its’ parameters include viability, proliferation, and toxicity levels. Mitochondrial activity, DNA incorporation, and cell staining can determine cell viability and toxicity in response to added factors or conditions. Simple cell counting for harvesting purposes uses Trypan blue; more complex assessments for apoptosis require reagents like MTT or XTT. REDOX reactions initiated by almarBlue® quantify proliferation and cytotoxicity in eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, reliably measured by absorbance and fluorimetric assays. Available in addition to these reagents is an assortment of the universally employed BrdU for cell cycle and proliferation profiling. These tests are compatible with single cell culture, multi-well plate formats, or tissues. Assay reagents are sorted by quantity and type for comparison of price, quality, and assay requirements.