Electrophoresis Equipment

Electrophoresis Equipment Electrophoresis equipment applies an electric charge to molecules, causing them to migrate towards their oppositely charged electrode. The technique is found in all research and clinical laboratories utilizing DNA and protein applications, and is divided into gel and capillary techniques. Equipment includes horizontal gel electrophoresis units for DNA separation and vertical gel equipment for protein separation. 2D electrophoresis equipment includes equipment that separates proteins by charge and mass via separate components or complete automated workstations. Capillary electrophoresis systems exploit a separation polymer contained in a tiny capillary, used for applications such as DNA sequencing. Transilluminators are used to visualize molecules stained with signature dyes, and gel documentation systems created permanent experimental records which can be analyzed and compared with compatible data. Choice of electrophoresis equipment depends on the molecule of study, appropriate method of separation and downstream application. Look for user friendly, upgradable equipment from quality vendors with service contracts and excellent technical support.