BbrPI Restriction Enzyme

BbrPI Restriction Enzyme

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    SureVector harnesses the power of synthetic biology by allowing you to combine a wide range of standard DNA components for E. coli, yeast and mammalian cells to build your own customized vector. The next-generation cloning method used by SureVector allows multiple fragments, along with your gene-of-interest, to be assembled into a custom construct that’s ready to transform into your organism of choice. Simply design a vector, order or PCR your gene-of-interest and a customized plasmid is a 20...
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  • a-Tubulin Antibody for Western Blotting

    a-Tubulin Antibody for Western Blotting

    Rab proteins constitute the largest family of monomeric small GTPases that oscillate between active (GTP- bound) and inactive (GDP- bound) conformations. The spatio-temporal activation of Rabs is controlled by the GDP-GTP exchange factors (GEFs), mediating their activation, and the GTP hydrolysis activating proteins (GAPs), terminating their activity. Rab GTPases execute diverse tasks in membrane trafficking by driving cargo collection into nascent transport vesicles, linking vesicles to cytoskeletal elements, recruiting tethers, and finally docking vesicles to the target compartment, leading to membrane fusion. The goal of this project is to characterize a specific GEF for Golgi localized Rab6 GTPase, and to analyze its effect in Rab6-mediated processes at the Golgi complex. In the present experiment, alpha-tubulin antibody was used as a loading control for the gel. This antibody was recommended by a researcher from a neighboring lab.
  • Anti-alpha Actin (1A4) [Immunofluorescence]

    Anti-alpha Actin (1A4) [Immunofluorescence]

    Anti-alpha Actin was to stain and detect smooth muscle cells harvested and grown from primary aortic tissue isolated from mice. Anti-alpha actin (sc-32251) resulted in a strong, characteristic staining pattern indicative of actin.