Horse Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Horse Mesenchymal Stem Cells

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    In-Vitro-Cell Direct Heat Laboratory CO2 Incubators

    NuAire Direct Heat (Air Jacketed) CO2 Incubators provide a stable in-vivo growth model with heating elements located on all 6 sides of the chamber. High density R5 insulation stabilizes the interior chamber temperature requiring less energy to maintain. Unique features such as dual sterilization cycle, humidity and hypoxia control ensure your research needs are met. Standard Features: NuTouch Electronic Control System 100% Stainless Steel Coved Interior Chamber Dual Temperature Sensor ...
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  • CD34 Antibody

    CD34 Antibody

    This mAB is supposed to react with human, rat, cow, monkey and dog 34 in formalin-fixed tissues. It was tested against dog and horse bone marrow sections and there was no staining.