Human Eye Total RNA

Human Eye Total RNA

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  • Synthetic sgRNA (100mer)

    Synthetic sgRNA (100mer)

    Synthetic single guide (sgRNA) for efficient genome editing - Pure and simple CRISPR application requires 2 key functional elements: target-specific guide RNA and CAS9 enzyme. Scientists have created gRNA using multiple methods, such as transfection of gRNA-expression plasmids, in vitro transcription, or by annealing a short crRNA oligo with a tracrRNA scaffold. Recently, synthetic single guide has been recognized as the preferred way for highly efficient and accurate editing. The synthetic ...
  • CLARIOstar® High Performance Monochromator Microplate Reader

    CLARIOstar® High Performance Monochromator Microplate Reader

    The CLARIOstar is a multimode microplate reader that employs three different kinds of detection technologies to measure up to eight different detection modes.
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  • Anti-Rabbit HRP-linked Secondary Antibody

    Anti-Rabbit HRP-linked Secondary Antibody

    This HRP-linked secondary antibody is used for the detection of proteins that are probed with a rabbit antibody. I use this secondary antibody often for the detection of GAPDH in MIA PaCa-2 human pancreatic tumor cells. The horseradish peroxidase signal is easy to detect and is specific for rabbit antibodies.
  • 0.25uL Anti-Human CD5-BV786 Works Great

    0.25uL Anti-Human CD5-BV786 Works Great

    The general aim of our research is to characterize the phenotype and function of pathogenic B cells in various diseases. We are building fluorescence and mass cytometry panels to study human B cells in the context of autoimmune and idiopathic pulmonary diseases. I selected CD5-BV786 because the UCHT2 is the best CD5 clone and the BV786 channel is a great color option in one of our 14-parameter fluorescence cytometry panels.