Rat Tissue

Rat Tissue

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  • Guava® easyCyte™ Flow Cytometer Systems

    Guava® easyCyte™ Flow Cytometer Systems

    You’ll quickly find that Guava® easyCyte™ benchtop microcapillary flow cytometers are simpler and cheaper to operate and maintain than traditional sheath fluid-based instruments enabling on-demand use in any lab. The newest, 3 laser easyCyte™ 12 includes blue, red, and violet (405 nm) excitation lasers providing up to 12 simultaneous detection parameters with 10 fluorescent colors plus forward and side scatter for assessing cell size and granularity. Still, this powerful multi-sample platform...
  • QX ONE Droplet Digital PCR System

    QX ONE Droplet Digital PCR System

    The QX ONE ddPCR System expands upon the most proven digital PCR technology available for unmatched precision and sensitivity in absolute quantification. With automated and walk-away operation for multiple plates, this system is easy to use, supports regulatory compliance and enables more answers per sample with advanced multiplexing. QX ONE addresses your needs: Automated, walk-away operation to focus on your work Easy to use for every operator to get data independently Advanced ...
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  • EZH1 Antibody Not Suitable for Fluorescence Immunocytochemistry

    EZH1 Antibody Not Suitable for Fluorescence Immunocytochemistry

    In a freshly isolated rat microvessel prep from adipose tissue, anti-EZH1 antibody was localized mostly in the cytoplasm, not in the nucleus as expected. To be fair, this antibody has not been suggested for fluorescence immunocytochemistry by the manufacturer, and has not been verified for use in rat.
  • PE-Isotype Control Antibody

    PE-Isotype Control Antibody

    The aim of this experiment was to sort out a specific selection of cells using PE-conjugated antibody. The Rat IgG2A PE-conjugated Antibody was recommended by the R&D systems.