The ELISA kits listed below target ASIC4, the symbol for the human gene, acid sensing ion channel subunit family member 4, and a member of the Amiloride-sensitive sodium channel (TC 1.A.6) family, ASIC4 subfamily. The protein encoded by ASIC4 has a predicted amino acid length of 647, a mass of 70.1 kDa, and a membrane subcellular localization. There are currently 3 reported isoforms, as well as sites of glycosylation. ASIC4 may also be known by the following names: ACCN4, brain sodium channel 4, amiloride-sensitive cation channel 4 pituitary, acid sensing ion channel family member 4, and acid-sensing ion channel 4.


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Abbexa Ltd
Mouse Acid-sensing ion channel 4 (ASIC4) ELISA Kit
  • Detection Target:
    Acid-sensing ion channel 4
  • Detection Range:
    0.156 ng/ml - 10 ng/ml
  • Reactivity:
  • Quantity:
    96 tests
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