Z-cmaf ELISA Kits

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Ready-to-use ELISA kits are available for the detection of Z-cmaf, an alias of the protein, ring finger and CHY zinc finger domain containing 1. The official gene symbol is RCHY1. The protein, with a mass of 30.1 kDa and length of 261 residues, is reported to be cytoplasmic and nuclear. It may be known by other names, including: p53-induced protein with a RING-H2 domain, androgen-receptor N-terminal-interacting protein, RING finger protein 199, E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase Pirh2, CH-rich interacting match with PLAG1, RING finger CHY zinc finger domain-containing protein 1, and zinc finger protein 363.

Z-cmaf ELISA Kits

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