Anti-CLR19.8 Antibody Products

Listed below are anti-CLR19.8 antibodies from multiple suppliers. CLR19.8 is a reported alias name for the human gene NLRP5, or 'NLR family pyrin domain containing 5'. The 1200-amino acid protein is a member of the NLRP family. The cellular localization is predicted to be cytoplasmic, nuclear and mitochondrial. See the supplier page to learn important antibody details, such as target specificity and designated applications.

Anti-CLR19.8 Antibody Products

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    Recombinant REAfinity™ Antibodies for reproducible flow cytometry results Recombinant antibodies are the next generation of engineered flow cytometry antibodies, and represent the first truly fundamental shift in antibodies since monoclonals were first developed 40 years ago. Recombinant antibodies are derived from a defined set of genes, and the production process is highly standardized. Therefore, these antibodies are consistent in their structure and performance, leading to high experimental...
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    Anti Iba-1 is specifically reactive to microglia and macrophages, and are appropriate for immuno-double staining of brain tissues and cell culture in combination with monoclonal antibody to GFAP, which specifically reactes to astrocytes.
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