QM1 homolog1 ELISA Kits

QM1 homolog1 ELISA Kits

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  • PrimePCR™ Validated Assays and Pathway Panels for Real-Time PCR

    PrimePCR™ Validated Assays and Pathway Panels for Real-Time PCR

    PrimePCR™ Assays and Panels for real-time PCR applications are expertly designed and wet-lab validated to ensure optimal performance. Our validation process supports the MIQE guidelines via rigorous wet-lab testing of every assay. Bio-Rad now offers a complete workflow solution for real-time qPCR including RNA isolation kits, reverse transcription kits, validated assays, qPCR supermixes, and real-time PCR systems. The PrimePCR product portfolio includes: Individual SYBR® Green assays Pre...
  • Super-X Plex® Multi-Plex Cytokine Bead Assays

    Super-X Plex® Multi-Plex Cytokine Bead Assays

    ANTIGENIX AMERICA inc. offers an extensive line of non-magnetic bead assays for cytokine measurement on flow cytometers. The Super- X PlexTM Flow Cytometry Cytokine Assays employ non-magnetic beads to measure cytokines in Human, Mouse, Rat, non-human Primate, and Canine models. Sample types include: Serum, Plasma, Cell Culture Fluid, and Cell Lysates. Individual assays can be selected by the user to design a custom Multi-Plex panel and pre-made Multi-Plex cytokine panels are also available. ...
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  • 1uL CD8-V450 Work Great To Detect CD8+ T Cells

    1uL CD8-V450 Work Great To Detect CD8+ T Cells

    Our group studies T cells in the blood of untreated chronic HIV+ individuals. We are constantly expanding and optimizing our T cell panels to measure various T cell subsets, activation, and inhibitory receptor phenotype. We use CD8-V450 in a few of our T cell panels because the staining looks great and it is cost-efficient.
  • APC Anti-human CD5 Antibody

    APC Anti-human CD5 Antibody

    Our laboratory investigates different ways to improve immune responses against HIV, including enhancement of the capacity of effector cells, such as NK cells, to kill HIV-infected cell. We are currently investigating the capacity of an engineered antibody to trigger NK-cell mediated ADCC activity in in vitro assays against an HIV-infected cell line, ACH2, which expresses high levels of human CD5. We perform FACS-based killing assays, where we use human CD5 as a marker to distinguish the target cells.

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