nScope eMRI from Agilent Technologies

The Agilent nScope eMRI System has been designed to make pre-clinical imaging easier, faster and more reliable. This powerful new system provides access for everyone to advanced applications in Cardiology, Neurology, Oncology, Molecular Imaging and more. It comes with a host of features that make it both easy to use and more reliable as well as a powerful new software package, Agilent’s VnmrJ3 Imaging Software, that has been optimized to fully enhance the nScope eMRI workflow.

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Unidentified Man: What do you want to see in preclinical MRI? We are listening to you.
Unidentified Woman: I would like to see a more efficient heating system in the scanner.
Unidentified Man: [Foreign language.]
Unidentified Woman: The protocols needs to be fast with decent resolution.
Unidentified Man: [Foreign language.]
Unidentified Man: [Foreign language.]
Unidentified Man: Agilent, the recognized leader in life science technology, is now providing MRI systems to preclinical biologists and medical researchers. Seeing is believing.
Agilent Technologies has created the nScope eMRI system to support your preclinical MRI research with preconfigured sequences and laboratory tested protocols, making it simple for you to achieve sophisticated imaging results.
All preclinical researchers will enjoy the ease of use evolution that includes a clean clinical user interface; simple, intuitive, and ergonomic workflow; table with exchangeable trays; an integrated animal monitoring and life support system; touchscreen displays that show vitals and gating as well as RF coil tuning; fine laser alignment and a stable sample positioner provide precise specimen location and eliminates motion artifacts to achieve reproducible results; easy RF turning utilizing an integrated and enhanced RF chain for improved signal to noise ratio; an integrated enclosure reduces acoustic noise, eliminates RF interference and the need for a Faraday cage shielding, resulting in cost savings and reduced footprint. But, most importantly, Agilent's application packs make advanced neuro and cardiac experiments accessible, generating reliable, reproducible results for everyone.
The first step is ensuring a safe and humane way to handle the specimen that allows for constant monitoring. The animal is the most important participant in your study, the star of the show. This is why the nScope eMRI sample holder has been designed under careful consideration of anatomy and features an ergonomic, stereotactic holder; an integrated, air-heated bed; compatibility with a wide range of RF surface coils; anatomically shaped phased array coils for brain and heart work.
Once the specimen has been arranged in the sample holder, it is ready to be scanned. Physiological monitoring can occur using the touchscreen conveniently located at the sample prep table. The ECG temperature and respiration sensors are attached to the holder and the air heater and anesthesia lines connect when the cradle is docked. The laser has a very fine crosshair beam to ensure precise monitoring.
Once the sample is in the nScope eMRI, the touchscreen media and acoustic shielding allows for running a scout scan right at the magnet. Agilent's advanced VnmrJ 3 software, for fast, intuitive data acquisition, has been further optimized to fully enhance the nScope eMRI workflow. After collecting your scout scan, simply load one of the Agilent Neuropack protocols, adjust the slice location, and then scan. You can now relax while the system runs the scan.
Our standard protocols are designed to collect each basic neuro scan in about 10 minutes. Once your scan is finished, you can export your data to share results with colleagues or perform further analysis in VnmrJ such as T1 and T2 parametric maps, measuring signal intensity or lesion size, use our color overlay and map facility to further highlight your results. Advanced post processing includes CSI anatomic image with color overlay and spectroscopy, a technique often used in DMP research targeting cancer. Seeing is believing.
While the Agilent nScope eMRI system has been designed to make preclinical research easier, faster, and more reliable, it provides access for everyone to advanced MRI applications, including cardiology, neurology, oncology, and molecular imaging. The scanner does the work for you so you can focus on science.
Unidentified Woman: I can easily see how it may one day translate into improvements in patient care--.
Unidentified Woman: --Development of putative novel and successful disease interventions--.
Unidentified Man: [--Foreign language--.]
Unidentified Woman: --Also suggest new ways of assessing disease progression in patients.
Unidentified Man: Because at Agilent, we never forget that our goal is to help researchers develop the next generation of medicines. The Agilent nScope eMRI preclinical scanner: serving the scientific community.

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