Lab Automation / High-Throughput

Lab Automation / High-Throughput Automated Laboratory Equipment increases productivity while allowing you to multitask and focus on other important tasks in the lab. Whether it does so by taking liquid dispensing tasks off your plate or by sample preparation for PCR or Cell Culture, there are a variety of types and levels to choose from. Browse through the categories list here for insight into the various options available.

Lab Automation / High-Throughput

  • Tools for NGS Sample Prep

    Sample-Prep Tools for Next-Generation Sequencing
    Tuesday, October 22, 2013
    To reap the benefits of next-gen DNA sequencing, you need to prepare a sample that is compatible with the ...
  • Plate Readers Continue to Evolve

    Microplate Readers: Many Options for Multiple Applications
    Tuesday, May 14, 2013
    Some microtiter plate readers are dedicated to specific functions, whereas more sophisticated instruments ...
  • Agilent Encore Multispan Liquid Handling System

    Agilent Encore Multispan Liquid Handling System
    INTRODUCING AN EXTRAORDINARY LIQUID HANDLING SYSTEM The new Agilent Encore Multispan Liquid Handling System The Encore system is a ...
  • S3™ Cell Sorter

    S3™ Cell Sorter
    The S3 cell sorter is the first truly walk-up automated cell sorter available to scientists. Expertly engineered with revolutionary ...