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I am doing an intervention study regarding intestinal barrier function. One primary outcome is endotoxin level in blood. But as endotoxin (LPS) is very low in blood and very vulnerable for environmental contamination, we use LPB (LPS binding protein) as a secondary marker. When I first used this kit, it had a very limited volume of dilution buffer. I had to carefully calculate carefully the dilution protocol. I am glad in their later kits, this problem was solved. In terms of performance, the kit works pretty consistently. The CVs between batches were between 10%.

Experimental Design and Results Summary


For LPB measurement in human plasma

Starting Material

Human blood

Protocol Overview

Human blood was obtained from the antecubital vain and centrifuged to get plasma, then frozen in liquid nitrogen. Before analysis, plasma samples were taken out to room temperature. After the samples are thawed, put the sample on ice. After that, follow the kit protocol.


Pay attention to buffer volume when disolving the standard

Results Summary

The results were rather consistent. The CVs of my samples on the same plate were usually around 5%. The CVs of my control plasma between plates were around 10%.

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The standard curve is not linear. Therefore, even minor differences in OD values could lead to dramatic differences in results.

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I would recommend this kit