LBP, Human, ELISA kit from Hycult Biotech


Lipopolysacharide (LPS) Binding Protein (LBP) is a type 1 acute phase protein that is constitutively produced by the liver and rapidly upregulated during the acute phase response. LBP plays a central role in the response to LPS. The protein catalyzes the monomerization of LPS and its transfer to (s)CD14 and to lipoproteins. This way LBP has both a role in the activation pathway of LPS: activation of monocytes by LPS leading to release of inflammatory mediators and in the neutralization of LPS i.e. the uptake of LPS by lipoprotein and subsequent clearing. In plasma of healthy individuals LBP is present at levels of approximately 10 µg/ml, which increase approximately 10-fold during acute phase responses