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  • MiniElute® PCR Purification Kit from Qiagen

    MiniElute® PCR Purification Kit from Qiagen

    Tuesday, March 09, 2010
    Isolation of DNA fragments from PCR reactions, agarose gels, or enzymatic reactions is often performed in the daily laboratory routine. The goal is to remove all enzymes, independent of size and ... read more
  • Bioline's SureClean Plus

    Bioline's SureClean Plus

    Wednesday, February 22, 2006
    Submitted by:
    Michael Campa, Ph.D.
    Duke University Medical Center

    Downstream applications utilizing PCR products or restriction digested DNA often require that the nucleic acids are free of ... read more
  • SensiFAST Probe Hi-ROX Real-time PCR Master Mix

    SensiFAST Probe Hi-ROX real-time PCR master mix

    Friday, January 03, 2014
    I am interested in the expression of microRNAs as biomarkers for onset and severity of graft versus host disease (GvHD). I frequently measure microRNA expression using qRT-PCR in the body fluids of ... read more
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