0.1 to 2 µL Lambda® Single Channel Pipettor From Corning

0.1 to 2 µL Lambda® Single Channel Pipettor From Corning
Working in a biology or chemistry laboratory involves the handling of various volumes of liquid solutions. These can vary from many liters to just few microliters. When it comes to the later case, accuracy is the quintessential requirement for a successful outcome. Most researchers working at the bench need appropriate devices that will help them to manipulate extremely small volumes of solutions with minimum deviations. Reproducibility is also essential, if you want to reach to an accurate conclusion that will make a significant impact.

A product that can enhance the handling of extremely small volumes of solutions is the Corning 0.1 to 2 µL Lambda® Single Channel Pipettor. This is a very elegant pipette constructed with a contoured handgrip and a hook-like handrest that combine to ensure great comfort during use. Furthermore, the handgrip construction ensures that your hand does not get tired even after many hours of use. The volume can be adjusted quickly across the entire range, from 0.1ul up to 2.0 ul by turning the piston either clockwise or counterclockwise. The piston is very soft, and it is easy to turn it without tearing your gloves. On the body of the pipette lies a window that displays the exact volume you set, making the selection quite easy and fast. Another important feature of this product is that the lower part of the pipette can be removed and washed thoroughly or even sterilized in an autoclave.

It is very easy to maintain the pipette in a perfect condition by following a few simple guidelines for correct pipetting and cleaning after use.

I have used this pipette in order to handle volumes that fall in the range of 0.5 ul to 2 ul with great success. The reproducibility of the pipetting is astonishing, especially when a well-trained person performs it. The results I got from experiments using this device never deviated significantly from the mean value of the repeats. This fact is absolutely essential for everyone that wants to perform decent research in the field of molecular biology, biochemistry, etc.

Overall, this pipette, if treated with respect, can give you the ability to handle liquids with great accuracy, which is crucial for the majority of experimental procedures. I would recommend this pipette as a reliable and necessary companion to all the researchers working in the filed of biology and chemistry.

Graduate Student
Department of Biology
University of Crete
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0.1 to 2 µL Lambda® Single Channel Pipettor From Corning
The Good

Excellent for handling extremely small volumes of liquids, offers excellent reproducibility.

The Bad

No major flaws.

The Bottom Line

A very wise choice due to its reliability and ease of handling.