Biocompare’s Site Redesign Improves Product Discovery and Increases Advertising Efficiency

Biocompare’s Site Redesign Improves Product Discovery and Increases Advertising Efficiency

November 4, 2008

Biocompare (, an online B2B media company for the life science industry, today announced the launch of their redesigned website featuring improved usability, new search functionality, and country-specific targeting. The new design reiterates Biocompare’s continual effort to provide improved resources for the life science community, and enhanced product exposure and audience reach for life science marketers.

The redesigned website has an intuitive user interface that places specialized search tools at the forefront, directing scientists straight to their product destination. Additional features, such as the ability to save previous search results and compare products across multiple pages, have been designed to streamline the product discovery process for life scientists while at the same time allowing marketers to better target their ideal audience.

Biocompare now delivers customized content for users based on their geographical location. This new country-specific feature enables life scientists to view pricing in the local currency and identify regional distributors. According to Jimothy Fahrni, Business Development, Biocompare: “Marketers are able to target ads, pricing, events, and promotions to buyers in particular countries and produce more leads across the globe. With increasing globalization of the life science industry, the country-specific targeting feature is a valuable addition to our site.”

Biocompare has also increased ad space on pages to drive traffic to products and improve clickthrough rates. The new leaderboard, wide skyscraper, and prominently placed large rectangle ads provide greater visibility for advertisers.

Michael Okimoto, Ph.D., Chief Content Officer of Biocompare is excited about this launch and the service it delivers to both life scientists and marketers. “The redesign provides an improved experience for our users and will result in higher sales revenue and greater returns for advertisers,” said Okimoto.

Headquartered in South San Francisco, California, Biocompare ( is a subsidiary of CompareNetworks Inc., a leading global media company for the life science and healthcare industries. Biocompare provides a platform for connecting the buyers, users, and sellers of life science products. By combining an in-depth knowledge of life science technologies with the power of the internet, Biocompare offers a dynamic, relevant, and innovative media-based marketplace for life science information.

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