Mutation Specific Antibodies from Spring Bioscience

Mutation Specific Antibodies from Spring Bioscience


Spring Bioscience has a role of being the leading antibody development center for Roche Diagnostics. In addition to this, Spring Bioscience is also able to deliver a focused product portfolio to the research industry representing the highest value targets for future diagnosis and prognosis of cancer.

In response to the increasing need to detect mutations in cancer, Spring Bioscience is also focusing on antibodies able to target specific mutations that will aid in the research of markers relevant for the prognosis and prediction of therapy response for patients with cancer. Spring Bioscience is leading the research industry by pioneering novel, next generation antibodies that can differentiate mutant and normal protein, enabling pathologists to see relevant mutations within their cellular context. Having already released Exon19 and EGFR L858R for exclusive use by Ventana Medical Systems, Spring Bioscience has launched BRAF V600E.

BRAF V600E a mutation specific antibody that plays a role in regulating cell signaling and has been shown to be mutated in many human cancers, including colorectal, thyroid, brain, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Further mutation specific antibodies are in active development including NRAS.


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