Gateway pYES-DEST52 Vector from Life Technologies

Gateway pYES-DEST52 Vector from Life Technologies


The pYES2-DEST52 Gateway destination vector is designed for rapid cloning with a Gateway entry clone using lambda phage site-specific recombination and subsequent expression in Saccharomyces cerevisia e. As part of the YES Vector Collection, pYES2-DEST52 carries the promoter and enhancer sequences from the GAL1 gene for regulated expression in S.cerevisia e. pYES2-DEST52 features: 2 origin of replication for high-copy maintenance gene for auxotrophic selection on economical minimal medium C-terminal V5 epitope and polyhistidine(6xHis) tags for efficient detection and purification tR sites for efficient recombination with any at tL-flanked Gateway entry vector


  • Detailed Specifications
  • ItemGateway pYES-DEST52 Vector
  • CompanyLife Technologies
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  • Catalog Number12286019
  • Quantity6 µg
  • Vector NameGateway pYES-DEST52 Vector
  • ApplicationsCloning,Destination Vectors,Gateway Cloning,Protein Expression,Proteins, Expression, Isolation & Analysis,S. cerevisiae Expression Systems,Yeast Expression
  • Conjugate/Tag/LabelV5 epitope; polyhistidine (6xHis) tag
  • ResistanceAmpicillin
  • Selectable MarkerURA3
  • HostYeast
  • Domain/Region/TerminusC terminus


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