RNaseZap Wipes from Life Technologies

RNaseZap Wipes from Life Technologies


Ambion® RNaseZap® Wipes are RNaseZap® in a convenient
towel format. You simply wipe RNases off of surfaces and rinse with RNase-free
water. Supplied as 100 pop-up sheets in a single container.

Convenient towel format

Completely removes RNase contamination from glass and
plastic surfaces Ideal for cleaning work surfaces, pipettors, and equipment
that must be RNase-free

Works immediately on contact; no baking or autoclaving

The popular Ambion® RNaseZap® is now provided in a
convenient wipe format. RNaseZap® Wipes are designed to eliminate RNase
contamination on work surfaces, pipettors and equipment that must be
RNase-free. RNaseZap® is a formulation of three ingredients known to be active
against RNase. It effectively removes even high levels of RNase contamination
that similar products cannot. With thorough rinsing, RNaseZap® leaves no
residues that are inhibitory to enzymatic reactions.

Note: The components are packaged separately. The wipes
and RNaseZap® Solution are loaded into the pop-up dispenser prior to first use.


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  • ItemRNaseZap Wipes
  • CompanyLife Technologies
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  • Catalog NumberAM9786
  • Quantity100 sheets
  • ApplicationsDNA & RNA Purification & Analysis:General RNA Purification Reagents & Accessories:General RT-PCR Reagents & Accessories:General Real-Time PCR Reagents:PCR & Real-Time PCR:RNA Extraction:Total RNA Isolation:Total RNA from Animal Cells & Tissues:Total RNA from Bacterial Samples:Total RNA from Blood:Total RNA from FFPE Samples:Total RNA from Liquid Samples (e.g. Serum, Virus):Total RNA from Plant Cells:Total RNA from Yeast:Transcriptome RNA Isolation:mRNA Isolation:microRNA Isolation:Real Time PCR



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