RediLoad Loading Buffer from Life Technologies

RediLoad Loading Buffer from Life Technologies


RediLoad™ is a loading buffer designed for easy loading and tracking of PCR products run in agarose gels. It is added directly to the PCR reaction mixture prior to amplification. RediLoad™ features a reagent that increases density for easy loading, and a red tracking dye that migrates at approximately 25 bp and allows easy monitoring of electrophoresis. RediLoad™ can be used as a replacement for conventional agarose loading buffer and is supplied in a 10X concentration.


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  • ItemRediLoad Loading Buffer
  • CompanyLife Technologies
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  • Catalog Number750026
  • Quantity10 mL
  • ApplicationsAgarose Gel Electrophoresis:DNA & RNA Purification & Analysis:E-Gel Systems & Pre-Cast Gels:Pour Your Own Agarose Gels:Nucleic Acid Gel Electrophoresis & Blotting
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