GloMax-Multi Base Instrument from Promega

GloMax-Multi Base Instrument from Promega


The GloMax®-Multi Microplate Multimode Reader is the next-generation integrated solution from Promega. While maintaining state-of-the-art luminescence performance, the GloMax® line now extends into fluorescence and absorbance applications. By combining assay reagents with a high-performance detection instrument, it's now easier than ever to start capturing real results.

The GloMax®-Multi Detection System consists of a base unit plus modular detection and functional units, allowing a flexible solution that can be expanded over time.

Operation of the GloMax®-Multi Detection System can be performed entirely through the touch screen. Protocols for a variety of Promega and common laboratory assays are pre-installed, and there is also the flexibility to modify the protocols or create new methods. Data can be saved on the instrument and moved via the included USB flash drive. The system works as a standalone workstation in the laboratory, freeing computing resources from data capture, so more resources can be directed toward analysis.


  • Detailed Specifications
  • ItemGloMax-Multi Base Instrument
  • CompanyPromega
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  • Catalog NumberE7031
  • DetectionLuminescence / Fluorescence / Absorbance
  • Wavelength(s)Fluorescence and Luminescence:350 - 650 nm
    Absorbance: 360 - 800 nm
  • Plate Formats96 Wells Microplates
  • Light SourceWavelength Matched LED
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