15(R)-15-methyl Prostaglandin F2α from Cayman Chemical

15(R)-15-methyl Prostaglandin F2α from Cayman Chemical


15(R)-15-methyl PGF2α is a metabolically stable analog of PGF2α. 15(R)-15-methyl PGF2α is an inactive, prodrug PGF agonist designed for activation by gastric acid after oral administration. Acid-catalyzed epimerization of 15(R)-15-methyl PGF2α converts it into the active 15(S)-isomer. The 15(S)-isomer induces luteolysis when injected in rhesus monkeys at a dose of about 12 mg/animal, while the 15(R)-isomer does not


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  • Item15(R)-15-methyl Prostaglandin F2α
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  • Quantity5 mg
  • Molecule Name15(R)-15-methyl Prostaglandin F2alpha
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