B-27 Supplement (50X), serum free from Life Technologies

B-27 Supplement (50X), serum free from Life Technologies


B-27® Supplement is an optimized serum-free supplement used to
support the low or high density growth and short or long-term viability
of hippocampal and other CNS neurons. B-27® Supplement is provided
as a 50X liquid and is intended to be used with Neurobasal® Medium
or Neurobasal®-A Medium for neuronal cell culture without the need
for an astrocyte feeder layer.

B-27® Supplement is suitable for use in most neuronal cell
applications. For specialized applications and depending on your
experimental needs, we provide href="http://www.invitrogen.com/site/us/en/home/Products-and-Services/Applications/Cell-Culture/Mammalian-Cell-Culture/media-supplements/b27-supplement.html">alternative formulations of B-27® Supplement.

Quality Control Testing

B-27® Supplement is tested in a growth assay utilizing primary rat
(Sprague Dawley) embryonic hippocampal neurons, 18 day gestation.
Additional standard evaluations are for the absence of bacterial and
fungal contaminants. B-27® Supplement is also tested for endotoxin
at a 1X concentration.

For Research Use Only. Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic
or diagnostic use, unless otherwise stated.


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