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Biocompare Product Reviews give researchers valuable insights to help troubleshoot protocols and make better product decisions. By writing a Product Review you are not only helping fellow researchers but you can earn a $20 Amazon Gift Card for every review that is published.

Information you’ll need to complete a product review:
  • Protocol overview; experimental conditions or methods used in your experiment
  • Helpful notes or tips on how to best use the product or service
  • Unique images of experimental results, technique, product shots, etc.
Things you need to know:
  • Be sure to read Product Review Best Practices which describes ten helpful tips for review writing.
  • Each review is verified before acceptance and publication. Reviewers can submit up to 30 reviews per year across all CompareNetworks websites (including Biocompare and Labcompare).
  • Including results in a Biocompare review does not impact scientific journal submissions
  • Content and images included in the reviews must be unique. Copied material will not be accepted.
  • Certain products are not eligible for review, including: discontinued products, restriction enzymes, general laboratory consumables, and glassware/plasticware.
  • By submitting a review, you agree to Biocompare’s Privacy Policy. The review details, your name, institution, and position may be shared with the product manufacturer who may use the information on their website or in marketing materials.
  • Country specific gift cards per address submitted: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Japan. If submitted from a country not on this list, you’ll receive a United States Amazon.com Gift Card. All reviews must be unique to Biocompare to be eligible for gift card payment; any reviews that have been published on other websites will not be accepted.
  • Reviews from products purchased on Amazon or eBay will not be accepted.