S100 calcium binding protein B Proteins from ACROBiosystems

Recombinant proteins for S100 calcium binding protein B are available from various sources. In humans, this protein has a Uniprot ID of P04271 and has an annotated function: 'Weakly binds calcium but binds zinc very tightly-distinct binding sites with different affinities exist for both ions on each monomer.' This protein is 92 amino acids in length and 10.8 kilodaltons in mass. It has been designated a subcellular localization as: cytoplasmic, nuclear. This protein is encoded by the gene S100B. Other names also exist, such as: protein S100-B, S-100 calcium-binding protein, beta chain, S-100 protein subunit beta, S100 calcium-binding protein, beta (neural). This protein is conserved in other species, including: mouse, rat, chimpanzee, guinea pig.

S100 calcium binding protein B Proteins from ACROBiosystems

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