Magnetic Isolation

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A variety of products are available for the magnetic isolation of desired cell types. Such tools typically utilize magnetic beads that can bind to key cell surface markers. In the presence of a magnetic separator, cells of interest can then be enriched and collected (positive separation) or undesired cells can be removed or depleted (negative separation). For convenience many devices are provided in ready-to-use kits specific to the cell of interest. Magnetic separators also come in varying formats to accommodate higher experimental throughputs.

Magnetic Isolation

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  • Guava easyCyte Flow Cytometer Systems

    Guava easyCyte Flow Cytometer Systems

    You’ll quickly find that guava easyCyte™ benchtop microcapillary flow cytometers are simpler and cheaper to operate and maintain than traditional sheath fluid-based instruments enabling on-demand use in any lab. The newest, 3 laser easyCyte™ 12 includes blue, red, and violet (405 nm) excitation lasers providing up to 12 simultaneous detection parameters with 10 fluorescent colors plus forward and side scatter for assessing cell size and granularity. Still, this powerful multi-sample platform ...
  • Holomonitor® M4

    Holomonitor® M4

    The HoloMonitor® system is a compact and easy to use solution for quantitative and label-free live cell analysis. Designed for all cell biologists, HoloMonitor is affordable, convenient and fits into the cell incubator. Kinetic live cell studies are performed without the need for any labels or stains. The risk for toxic effects and/or masking of the effect of various conditions and/or target drug is thus avoided and results biologically relevant.

    The HoloMonitor platform offers you a powerful ...
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