homeobox C13 Biomolecules from Atlas Antibodies

homeobox C13 Biomolecules from Atlas Antibodies

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  • Lysyl Endopeptidase

    Lysyl Endopeptidase cleaves peptide bonds at the carboxy-terminal of both lysine residues and S-aminoethylcysteine residues, making it a valuable tool for analysis of peptide and protein primary structure and for enzymatic synthesis of Lys-X compounds. Also, it can retain complete activity after incubation in 4M urea or in 0.1% SDS solution. Pkg: 10 AU
  • Recombinant Treponema Pallidum Ag

    If you are expecting an increase of demand of your Syphilis assay or you envision a new generation of Syphilis immunoassays for your portfolio, we can help you with Biokit Syphilis Biomaterials. Biokit syphilis Biomaterials are playing a key role in the commercial and clinical success of different IVD assays, in either ELISA or Chemiluminescence format. When used in a commercial ELISA IVD assay, Biokit Syphilis Biomaterials have demonstrated clinical proficiency by obtaining a global relative ...
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