B-cell CLL/lymphoma 7C ELISA Kits

The ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is a widely used application for detecting and quantifying proteins and antigens from various samples. Target-specific ELISA kits are available from a variety of manufacturers and can help streamline your immunodetection experiments.
Listed are ELISA Kits for the detection of B-cell CLL/lymphoma 7C, an alias name of BAF chromatin remodeling complex subunit BCL7C. The human protein, encoded by the gene BCL7C, is 217 amino acid residues long and has a mass of 23,468 daltons. However, there are up to 2 reported isoforms. It is a member of the BCL7 family. This target may also be known as: B-cell CLL/lymphoma 7 protein family member C, B-cell CLL/lymphoma 7C, BCL tumor suppressor 7C, and BCL7C BAF complex component.

B-cell CLL/lymphoma 7C ELISA Kits

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