Osteoactivin ELISA Kits from Biorbyt

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Listed are ELISA Kits for the detection of Osteoactivin, an alias name of Glycoprotein nmb. The human protein, encoded by the gene GPNMB, is 572 amino acid residues long and has a mass of 63923 daltons. However, there are up to 2 reported isoforms. It is a member of the PMEL/NMB family. Homologs have been identified in the following species: Mouse, Rat, Zebrafish, Frog, Chicken. Osteoactivin may also be known by other names: NMB; HGFIN; transmembrane glycoprotein; glycoprotein NMB; glycoprotein nmb-like protein; osteoactivin; hematopoietic growth factor inducible neurokinin-1; glycoprotein nonmetastatic melanoma protein B.

Osteoactivin ELISA Kits from Biorbyt

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