Rat Antibody Array

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Rat Antibody Array

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  • Human L1000 Antibody Array (Glass Slide)

    Human L1000 Antibody Array (Glass Slide)

    RayBio® L-Series Human Antibody Array 1000 Glass Slide Kit. Detects 1000 Human Proteins. Suitable for cell culture supernatants, serum, plasma and lysates
  • C-Series Human Cytokine Array 5

    C-Series Human Cytokine Array 5

    The RayBio® Membrane-Based Antibody Arrays, a.k.a. C-Series, are tools for screening and comparing expression levels of cytokines, growth factors, proteases, soluble receptors, and other proteins in a wide variety of sample types. The array membranes are processed in the same manner as a Western blot. Signals are then visualized on x-ray film or a digital image, allowing densitometry data collection and calculation of fold-changes for each detected protein. The entire procedure can be ...
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Recent Product Review

  • EZH1 Antibody Not Suitable for Fluorescence Immunocytochemistry

    EZH1 Antibody Not Suitable for Fluorescence Immunocytochemistry

    In a freshly isolated rat microvessel prep from adipose tissue, anti-EZH1 antibody was localized mostly in the cytoplasm, not in the nucleus as expected. To be fair, this antibody has not been suggested for fluorescence immunocytochemistry by the manufacturer, and has not been verified for use in rat.
  • PE-Isotype Control Antibody

    PE-Isotype Control Antibody

    The aim of this experiment was to sort out a specific selection of cells using PE-conjugated antibody. The Rat IgG2A PE-conjugated Antibody was recommended by the R&D systems.