Anti-GRG3 Antibody Products

Anti-GRG3 antibodies can be readily obtained from commercial sources. The GRG3 protein is a reported synonym for the human gene TLE3, encoding TLE family member 3, transcriptional corepressor. The full-length protein is 83,417 daltons in mass with 7 identified isoforms. This protein is a member of the WD repeat Groucho/TLE family. Visit the antibody supplier page for key details, including validated applications and target specificity.

Anti-GRG3 Antibody Products

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TLE3 Antibody
  • Applications:
    Western Blot (WB)
  • Reactivity:
    Hu, Ms, Rt
  • Conjugate/Tag:
  • Quantity:
    0.1 mg
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