Anti-5-HT7Dro Antibody Products

Anti-5-HT7Dro Antibody Products

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  • PD-1 Antibody

    PD-1 Antibody

    Anti-tumor immunity may be controlled by the PD-1/PD-L1 signaling pathway.
  • Recombinant REAfinity™ Antibodies

    Recombinant REAfinity™ Antibodies

    Recombinant REAfinity™ Antibodies for reproducible flow cytometry results Recombinant antibodies are the next generation of engineered flow cytometry antibodies, and represent the first truly fundamental shift in antibodies since monoclonals were first developed 40 years ago. Recombinant antibodies are derived from a defined set of genes, and the production process is highly standardized. Therefore, these antibodies are consistent in their structure and performance, leading to high experimental...
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  • Anti-Human PE/Cy7-TNFa Antibody

    Anti-Human PE/Cy7-TNFa Antibody

    This antibody has been used in a flow cytometry based study immunophenotyping PBMC populations obtained from cancer patients. The results have not yet been published. Isolated PBMCs were incubated with 50ng/mL PMA, 1ug/mL ionomycin and 10ug/mL brefeldin A for 4 hours (control cells were incubated with brefeldin A only). Multi-colour antibody panels were designed to identify T cell populations and stain for the presence of multiple cytokines.
  • Excellent Antibody

    Excellent Antibody

    Heat shock-related 70 kDa protein 2/ HSPA2 is heat shock protein that acts as a molecular chaperone to stabilize preexisting proteins during formation and protect them from aggregation in the cytoplasm. We detected its endogenous levels in different cell lines.

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