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Afraid of buyer's remorse striking after your next software purchase? Try out software for your lab, see if it's a good fit, and revolutionize your work with Biocompare's software download and trial section. This section covers a wide range of applications - from Sequence Analysis to Mass Spec. Click on a link, and it will take you directly to the company's webpage, so you won't waste time filling out unnecessary forms. Best of all, it doesn't cost a thing.
Technology Spotlight
Biocompare's Gene Specific Product Directory (GSPD): An Ingenious Resource For Research
Are you sometimes overwhelmed by the sheer volume of products available to researchers, yet frustrated because you can’t easily find the products that are right for your research? Biocompare has a new online tool that can help. The Gene-Specific Product Directory (GSPD) is an easily-browsed database of... more...
Product Focus
Cloning Kits
Cloning isn’t the arduous task it used to be. A variety of vectors and optimized buffering systems exist to facilitate the cloning of your piece of DNA, whatever it might be. When choosing the right vector and kit... more...

BioTime Licenses Human Embryonic Stem Cell Technology from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

The Pritzker Neuropsychiatric Disorders Research Consortium Renews and Expands Access to Ingenuity Pathways Analysis to Aid Efforts to Identify Novel Treatment Targets

MetaMorphix and Sequenom Agree to Build on Success

Magen Biosciences Licenses Dermatology Assets from Eli Lilly and Company (LLY)

Catalyst Biosciences, Inc. and Centocor Research and Development, Inc. Form Collaboration to Discover and Develop Engineered Protease Therapeutics

Cambrex Signs Agreement to Acquire ProSyntest AS

Pfizer and Taisho Finalize Agreement for Novel Schizophrenia Drug Candidate

BioMarin and Genzyme Restructure Aldurazyme 50/50 Joint Venture

New Technologies
Strategic Diagnostics, Inc. - Genomic Antibody Technology™ (GAT)
A New Revolution in Antibody Production
Genomic Antibody Technology™ (GAT) is a proprietary technology developed by SDI.
Taylor-Wharton - LABS Series Freezer Line
Taylor-Wharton’s LABS20K, LABS40K and LABS80K make up the LABS Freezer line.

Need to extend and preserve fluorescent signals?
When staining tissue sections with fluorescent tracers such as fluoroscein, rhodamine, and phycobilliprotein, it is often crucial to preserve fluorescence for an extended period of time. Selecting the best quality mounting medium is critical. FluorSave™ Reagent from EMD Calbiochem is a specially formulated aqueous mounting medium, made without glycerol, that preserves fluorescence-stained tissue sections, and is ideal for use with phycobiliprotein tracers. More Information
Featured Products
Edge BioSystems - Quickstep™ 2 PCR Purification Kit

Oligo Factory - Custom Oligo Synthesis Services

Eton Bioscience, Inc. - Gene Synthesis Service

PentaBase - Optimisation of Real Time PCR assays

Ultrasonic Power - Ultrasonic cleaning system


Stem Cells World Congress
February 11 - February 12, 2008
The 2nd annual Stem Cells World Congress will be held in Palm Springs, California. For 2008, Select Biosciences will be running parallel tracks for both research and business communities. Why not make the most of your trip by attending the post-conference tutorial – ‘Stem Cells: Latest Market Analysis and Intellectual Property Landscape’, being held on 13 February, 09:00-12:30. The Course Tutor will be Enal Razvi, PhD.

Cell Migration in Invasion and Inflammation
February 12 - February 17, 2008


Fragment-based Lead Discovery Conference
February 18 - February 20, 2008
Fragment-based Lead Discovery (FBLD) is a technique with demonstrated success in rapid, novel lead generation for drug discovery. Learn FBLD theory, hands-on implementation, and strategies at this interactive and interdisciplinary event.


Laboratory Automation Scientist (or Engineer)
Massachusetts USA

Post Doc Fellow – Translational Pharmacology, Inflammation
Missouri USA

Sr. Research Associate/Associate Scientist
Novozymes North America
North Carolina USA

Manager, Sample Prep
Pacific Biosciences
California USA

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