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  • Anti-CD19 APC for Flow Cytometry

    March 04, 2021
    This antibody was used to stain for B cells in human peripheral blood. It was chosen because it is a commonly used clone for CD19, APC is bright and ... read more
  • Calcium Channel Inhibitor Works Great

    March 04, 2021
    We have used SKF to study the role of the MRGPRX2 receptor in calcium mobilization via STIM1. A dose of 10-50uM SKF has effectively inhibited the ... read more
  • Macherey-Nagel™ Protino™ Ni-NTA Agarose

    March 04, 2021
    Macherey-Nagel™ Protino™ Ni-NTA Agarose are used for the purification of His6 tagged protein and have a high binding capacity. read more
  • Great for IF

    March 04, 2021
    In this project we investigated the immune cell infiltrate in the murine skin during application of different stimulli by the MELC technology. Here we... read more
  • Reliable Anti-human CD38 Antibody

    March 04, 2021
    Our lab studies development and function of human immune cells. We utilize flow cytometry to identify and study cell population of interest in ... read more