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Monkey Tissue Slide

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  • Lipoprotein Depleted Fetal Bovine Serum

    Lipoprotein Depleted Fetal Bovine Serum

    Fetal Bovine Sera is depleted of lipoproteins (d < 1.25 g/ml) by ultracentrifugation. The serum protein concentration is adjusted to approximately 35.0 mg/ml with phosphate buffered saline (pbs).the product is ultra-filtered through a membrane, packaged aseptically, and frozen. This product is only available in North America
  • Artificial Perspiration / Sweat

    Artificial Perspiration / Sweat

    Pickering Laboratories has developed reliable, reproducible and consistent artificial eccrine perspiration solutions for research and product testing. The Pickering Laboratories artificial eccrine perspiration is formulated to be universally standardize across all industries; it is the only formula that can satisfy all test challenges. We also offer industry specific Artificial Perspiration formulations. Pickering Artificial Eccrine Perspiration Suitable for Multiple applications. The ready to ...
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  • BCA Kit From Thermo Fisher For Protein Quantification

    BCA Kit From Thermo Fisher For Protein Quantification

    I work on understanding the molecular basis of hedgehog signal transduction at primary cilia. For this purpose, I manipulate the pathway at different levels by knocking out pathway components and testing their effect on the output of the pathway. I also study protein-protein interactions. All of the above mentioned experiments require total protein quantification in the early steps. My cell lysis buffer contains harsh detergents and so BCA assay is suitable for this purpose to accurately quantify protein concentration.
  • DC-SIGN Antibody For IF Staining

    DC-SIGN Antibody For IF Staining

    The aim of this project is to study the role of immune cells in colon cancer. In the present experiment, DC-SIGN antibody was used to detect the presence of dendritic cells in a normal human colon tissue specimen (pilot study).