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Monkey Tissue Slide

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  • X-CLARITY™ Electrophoretic Tissue Clearing System

    X-CLARITY™ Electrophoretic Tissue Clearing System

    The X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System provides an all-in-one, easy-to-use solution for electrophoretic tissue clearing The X-CLARITY™ combines unique electrodes and an active cooling system to accelerate the removal of lipids in a highly efficient manner. Lipid bilayers are broken up through electrophoresis in the presence of ionic detergents, leaving behind a stable and transparent tissue-hydrogel hybrid that is chemically accessible for molecular phenotyping. The X-CLARITY™ dramatically ...
  • Lipoprotein Depleted Fetal Bovine Serum

    Lipoprotein Depleted Fetal Bovine Serum

    Fetal Bovine Sera is depleted of lipoproteins (d < 1.25 g/ml) by ultracentrifugation. The serum protein concentration is adjusted to approximately 35.0 mg/ml with phosphate buffered saline (pbs).the product is ultra-filtered through a membrane, packaged aseptically, and frozen. This product is only available in North America
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  • Using CRISPR to reverse retinitis pigmentosa and restore visual function

    Using CRISPR to reverse retinitis pigmentosa and restore visual function

    Using the gene-editing tool CRISPR/Cas9, researchers have reprogrammed mutated rod photoreceptors to become functioning cone photoreceptors, reversing cellular degeneration and restoring visual function in two mouse models of retinitis pigmentosa.
  • FemtoJet 4x

    FemtoJet 4x

    The goal of our research is to create a more efficient metastatic prostate cancer GEMM and we will be using both the femtojet and transferman to inject virus cells into our current mouse model and have the cancer cells become more precise. In the past, you could not differentiate the cancer cells, and with this new method of injection, we are able to create single colonies of cancer cells. This technique of using microinjection is also helpful for work with gene targeting and IVF. The goal of this product is to ensure that virus reaches the tissue and produces metastatic disease. By using the product, instead of by hand, creates more reproducible spread of cancer. This product was chosen because they could help us obtain the results we wanted and were most cost effective.