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NZY Broth

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  • NutriStem® hPSC XF Medium

    NutriStem® hPSC XF Medium

    NutriStem® hPSC XF Medium is a widely published, defined, xeno-free, serum-free cell culture medium designed to support the growth and expansion of human induced pluripotent stem (hiPS) and human embryonic stem (hES) cells. Protocols have been established around the world for applications ranging from derivation to differentiation. NutriStem® hPSC XF Medium offers the ability to culture cells in a completely xeno-free medium without the need for high levels of basic FGF and other stimulatory ...
  • VECTASHIELD® Mounting Media

    VECTASHIELD® Mounting Media

    VECTASHIELD® Mounting Media are unsurpassed in preventing photobleaching. These ready-to-use antifade mounting media are stored at 4 ºC, available in non-hardening and hardening versions, and with and without counterstains. Features: Inhibits photobleaching of fluorescent dyes and fluorescent proteins Ideal refractive index (1.45) Ready-to-use - from the refrigerator to the benchtop No warming necessary Can be stored without sealing for long term analysis Non-hardening formulation ...
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  • NTF97 antibody for Western Blotting

    NTF97 antibody for Western Blotting

    The hedgehog signaling plays a critical role in embryonic development. It also controls adult tissue homeostasis and deregulation of this pathway results in basal cell carcinoma and medulloblastoma. A unique feature of this pathway is that it requires a tiny antenna like organelle called the primary cilium for signal transduction. My goal is to understand the molecular mechanism of hedgehog signal transduction at the primary cilium. This involves detecting protein-protein interactions of the pathway components, analysis of localization patterns during signal transduction, and transcriptional output measurements. In the present experiment, knockdown of hedgehog pathway components was performed and a marker was needed to judge loading of samples for Western Blotting. NTF97 blotting was done to check if this antibody works in 3T3 cells so that it can be used at later stages.
  • ALDH1A1 Antibody For IF Staining From Proteintech Group Inc

    ALDH1A1 Antibody For IF Staining From Proteintech Group Inc

    The aim of this study is to study the expression of enzymes regulating the retinoic acid pathway in a mouse model of colitis-associated colon cancer model. In this experiment, the expression of ALDH1A1 was tested in a normal colon tissue of mouse. This is a pilot experiment to test the antibody for IF purpose.