Beta-Endorphin (beta-EP) ELISA Kits

Beta-Endorphin (beta-EP) ELISA Kits

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  • Super-X Plex® Multi-Plex Cytokine Bead Assays

    Super-X Plex® Multi-Plex Cytokine Bead Assays

    ANTIGENIX AMERICA inc. offers an extensive line of non-magnetic bead assays for cytokine measurement on flow cytometers. The Super- X PlexTM Flow Cytometry Cytokine Assays employ non-magnetic beads to measure cytokines in Human, Mouse, Rat, non-human Primate, and Canine models. Sample types include: Serum, Plasma, Cell Culture Fluid, and Cell Lysates. Individual assays can be selected by the user to design a custom Multi-Plex panel and pre-made Multi-Plex cytokine panels are also available. ...
  • VisuLize™ ELISA Kits

    VisuLize™ ELISA Kits

    The VisuLize™ Antigen kits are a family of ELISA Kits for the quantitative determination of Factor VIII, Factor IX, Factor XI and TAFI antigens in human plasma samples using the double antibody enzyme linked immuno-sorbent assay (ELISA).
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  • Anti-beta III Tubulin (Immunofluorescence)

    Anti-beta III Tubulin (Immunofluorescence)

    This antibody was used in a study to quantify the extent of neurite outgrowth after NGF stimulation in PC12 cells (pheochromocytoma cell line derived from the rat adrenal medulla). PC12 cells were stimulated with 100 ng/mL NGF and 96 hours later neurite outgrowth was quantified by performing immunocytochemistry of fixed cells stained for beta III tubulin followed by quantification of immunofluorescence pixel density using Image J software.
  • Good PLK1 (208G4) Rabbit mAb

    Good PLK1 (208G4) Rabbit mAb

    Western blot assays to validate protein array data in ovarian cancer cell lines.

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