Oligonucleotide Synthesis Services

Oligonucleotide Synthesis Services Genomic research techniques continue to expand at an extraordinary rate, underlining the need for high- quality, rapid, and economical oligonucleotides. Common uses in biotechnology research include antisense oligos, siRNA, DNA sequencing/amplification primers, DNA and RNA probes, and artificial gene synthesis. Entire genomes can now be built directly from oligonucleotides while maintaining very high fidelity. As an oligo synthesis services customer, a gene synthesis error rate that is as low as possible is at the top of the list. Pay careful attention to the modification ranges, synthesis scales, and purity grades offered, since this is a continuously evolving technology area. Common purification modes include HPLC and PAGE; additional QC techniques include MALDI-TOF MS. If you foresee a possible future need for overnight delivery, make sure the company in question offers that service. A final tip: Keep an eye out for offers such as “buy one oligo, get one free.”

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