Chromatography Search Tools

Chromatography Search Tools Choosing a method of separation can be a daunting task. Biocompare has simplified the process by creating search tools for each chromatography technique. Each search tool has drop down menus with categories relative to the method of separation, for example the Reverse Phase search tool has menus for format, particle size, bore size, column length and particle size. Compare chromatography columns and media from different companies side by side to find the one that best suits your research needs.

  • SureBeads™ Magnetic Beads System

    SureBeads™ Magnetic Beads System
    Bio-Rad’s SureBeads Magnetic Beads System provides faster and more reliable immunoprecipitation of proteins and protein complexes at a price...
  • Precellys Evolution Tissue Homogenizer

    Precellys Evolution Tissue Homogenizer
    The new Precellys® Evolution instrument is the best homogenizer providing superior performance in speed, volume flexibility, robustness and ...