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  • Good for Sybr Green PCR

    Good for Sybr Green PCR

    Tuesday, April 21, 2015
    I was using this to perform quantitative PCR on a cDNA sample or a no template control. The cDNA sample showed amplification but the no template did not. I like that it is a 2X mix and have never had ... read more
  • Herculase® From Stratagene

    Herculase® From Stratagene

    Agilent Technologies
    Monday, March 05, 2007
    Herculase® is a DNA Polymerase designed to deal with difficult to amplify targets such as long or GC-rich DNA templates. Herculase® comes in two formats, Herculase® Enhanced and Herculase® Hotstart... read more
  • MicroClean From Microzone Ltd.

    MicroClean From Microzone Ltd.

    Microzone Ltd.
    Friday, June 09, 2006
    Most of the currently used purification kits are based on selective binding to membranes. The Microclean System uses instead a single reagent that can be added straightaway to DNA samples in standard ... read more
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