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  • SigmaPlot® 9.0 From Systat

    SigmaPlot® 9.0 From Systat

    Wednesday, March 14, 2007
    As a research scientist who has forever been obsessed with Matlab® (from The Mathworks), I found the latest version of SigmaPlot® a real treat for processing data. I was initially using SigmaPlot® ... read more
  • Clontech’s Multiple Tissue Expression Array

    Clontech’s Multiple Tissue Expression Array

    Clontech Laboratories, Inc., A Takara Bio Company
    Wednesday, September 19, 2001
    Even in the era of high-throughput genomics, occasionally there is the need to charactarize the expression profiles of a few genes instead of thousands of genes. Because of this, we recently purchased... read more
  • Genomic Solutions GeneMachines HybChamber

    Genomic Solutions GeneMachines HybChamber

    Wednesday, August 29, 2001
    So far, my experience with GeneMachines’ HybChamber has been positive. The sturdy construction has given us consistently good performance. The units are well designed and can be stacked in a ... read more
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