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  • Idea Scientific's Genie Blotter

    Idea Scientific's Genie Blotter

    Idea Scientific
    Wednesday, August 21, 2002
    I have tried quite a number of electrophorectic transfer units over the past 15 years, including tank and semi-dry styles. Although all work to one degree or another, my hands-down favorite unit is ... read more
  • NuSieve 3:1 from Lonza

    NuSieve 3:1 from Lonza

    Cambrex, Lonza
    Wednesday, October 25, 2000
    NuSieve 3:1 is a high resolution, standard melting temperature agarose (>90C) that can be used for fine resolution of DNA, RNA and PCR products and is excellent for detecting small fragments by either... read more
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