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  • Ready Gel® Precast Gels From Bio-Rad

    Ready Gel® Precast Gels From Bio-Rad

    Monday, June 26, 2006
    Bio-Rad’s Ready Gel® precast polyacrylamide gels arrive virtually ready to run and are available in a variety of single-percentages as well as gradients, with several different numbers and sizes of ... read more
  • FisherBiotech Vertical Electrophoresis Systems

    FisherBiotech Vertical Electrophoresis Systems

    Fisher Scientific
    Wednesday, July 19, 2006
    The FisherBiotech Vertical Electrophoresis System is available in 3 different sizes, depending on what size gel you would like to run. You have a choice of 10x10 cm, 16x14 cm, or 20x20 cm gel size and... read more
  • Works for Most of Proteins

    Works for Most of Proteins

    Life Technologies
    Thursday, August 07, 2014
    Gradient gels have several advantages for protein separation regarding the sharpness of bands and allowing to separate wider range of proteins. Pouring gradient is very labor intensive and requires ... read more
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