Custom Service DNA/cRNA Products From AllCells, LLC

Custom Service DNA/cRNA Products From AllCells, LLC

AllCells Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a biotechnology company dedicated to providing human cells, animal cells, total RNA, and cDNA for in vitro scientific research only. Its products are obtained from normal volunteers participating in an Institute Review Board (IRB) or Human Subject Committee approved donor program and each normal adult volunteer is screened for general health; including HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.

AllCells provide human primary cells total RNA (tRNA) and comprehensive RNA (cRNA). The difference is that the cRNA includes a combination of total RNA (>200nt) and small and micro RNA (19-200nt), allowing the researcher to use the product for microRNA based research. The tRNA is highly purified from viable human cells which have been isolated from human blood, bone marrow or umbilical cord blood using Miltenyi’s magnetic automatic cell sorting (MACS) technology. Cell purity is analyzed by fluorescence activated cell sorting and is guaranteed to be >95%.

tRNA is isolated with an optimized RNA purification method and cRNA is extracted using an optimized TRIZOL® based extraction method. In both cases, RNA purity is validated using the Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 and each product includes a certificate of analysis. The certificate for tRNA products shows the RNA purity using the 260nm/280nm absorbance ratio along with an electropherogram and converted gel image that show intact RNA species such as 18s and 28s rRNA. The cRNA product certificate also includes small and microRNA regions showing intact signals of tRNA (~40-70 nt) and 5s (~80-100nt) and 5.8s (~130-140nt) rNRA. The risk of genomic contamination is minimized by treating all products with DNase I.

All RNA products are shipped in DEPC-treated nuclease-free water and can maintain quality and integrity for at least 6 months to a year in -80°C. For extended storage, the RNA can be precipitated and re-dissolved in Tris-EDTA (1x).

I have ordered the comprehensive RNA from AllCells, isolated from CD19+ B-cells. The product was of the highest quality, as assessed by the Agilent Bioanalyzer and was successfully used for qRT-PCR. I have also purchased a custom based order of cRNA and also DNA matched to the same 3 donors. The product was extremely competitively priced and shipped within 2 weeks of payment.

PhD Student
Academic Hematology
Newcastle University
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Custom Service DNA/cRNA Products From AllCells, LLC
The Good

High quality product with full quality control report.

The Bad

Custom based orders can take up to two weeks.

The Bottom Line

Excellent range of RNA from a number of human cell sources, which is competitively priced.