The C1 Analog Bench-Top Shaker from New Brunswick Scientific

The C1 Analog Bench-Top Shaker from New Brunswick Scientific
The C-Line Shakers from New Brunswick are excellent for budget-restricted labs, or for labs that simply want a dependable and reliable shaker. The smallest C-Line platform shakers are the C1 and C2 models. The C1 model that we use is analog, and has an easy to use dial to set the RPM with a range from 50-400 RPM. The C2 model is digital, which may be more desirable for some labs, however we have not noticed any lack in performance by going low tech.

The shaker has a ¾” orbit, and can run for extended periods of time without change in shaking speed. While the digital model has more precise control over RPM, we have not noticed any change in RPM over time unless we change the dial of our analog C1. One nice feature is that the shaker gets up to speed slow enough so you can prevent spillage if you did not secure your flasks well enough but not so slow as to cause a noticeable time delay if you are watching it to get up to speed.

The C1 Model Shaker has an 11” x 13” platform, and several platform and clamp options are available. We use the Universal Platform, which has numerous holes that can accept a variety of clamps, test-tube racks, and other surfaces. We primarily shake bacterial and yeast cultures, and so we use the regular clamps for flasks. These clamps are secured by one screw each, are easily installed, moved, and removed using a screwdriver, and remain easy to remove after shaking for some time. We regularly shake 50, 100, 250, and 500 mL flasks, and really appreciate the flexibility provided by the ease with which the clamps can be rearranged.

In addition, New Brunswick Scientific has several other platform options available. There are Dedicated Platforms with the maximum number of flask clamps already installed. For low-speed applications, there is a utility tray available with a non-skid rubber mat. Some labs might outfit their Universal Platform with Sticky Matt Tape that can be used for speeds up to 250 rpm without clamps, Microplate Holders, or the adjustable-angle Test Tube Racks that make it easy to move multiple tubes back and forth.

The C1 and C2 Models are intended for use in an incubator or environmental chamber. The only problem we have encountered was that the shaker could heat our 37oC incubator to around 40oC when placed inside shaking overnight. However, our ancient incubator does not have an exhaust fan, and a refrigerated incubator would solve this problem. For labs that need tighter control over temperature, New Brunswick also has a bench-top incubated/refrigerated shaker in this line, the C-24 KC model.

In conclusion, the C-Line Shakers from New Brunswick Scientific are an excellent value and are quite flexible and easy to use. This C-Line series is perfect for the budget-restricted lab, or for any lab that needs a dependable shaker that can get the job done.

Jennifer Leigh Myka, Ph.D.
Biology Department
Brescia University
Owensboro, Kentucky

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The C1 Analog Bench-Top Shaker from New Brunswick Scientific
The Good

Dependable, flexible, and easy to use

The Bad

May heat some incubators without exhaust fans to over 37<sup>o</sup>C

The Bottom Line

For labs that don’t need all the bells and whistles, this dependable shaker is an excellent choice