Human IL-8 ELISA Ready-SET-Go! by eBioscience

Human IL-8 ELISA Ready-SET-Go!  by eBioscience
The Human IL-8 ELISA, Ready-SET-Go!® Kit by eBioscience comes ready to use; with this kit you can run from 1 to 10 96-well ELISA plates. The plates are not included in the kit, but everything else necessary is present when the kit arrives. Vials of concentrated capture antibody, detection antibody, avidin-HRP, and human-IL8 standards are present and color coded to avoid confusion. Also in the kit is a “Coating Buffer” mix packet that you simply have to dissolve in water and a concentrated dilution buffer which also doubles as the blocking buffer for the kit. The instruction sheet for dilutions of the capture antibody, detection antibody, and avidin-HRP in this kit makes the dilutions simple. Overall, the instruction sheet for the kit is well written and very easy to follow. As long as you have the ELISA 96-well plates, a micropipette and tips, you are ready to go!

I first utilized the kit when I was using THP-1 monocyte/macrophage cell lines. I was looking for IL-8 production by these cells in the supernatant media in response to a specific antigen. When I opened the kit, everything was clearly laid out and color coded. The color coding of the vials was an excellent feature to avoid confusion between antibodies even though they are labeled as what they are as well. I used these kits over 10 times in the course of my experiments. The kit gave consistent data and I was able to reproduce the results when I performed the ELISA on the same samples twice. The standard dilutions have given excellent curves for analysis of the plate and they provide an ample amount of these standards for the number of plates the kit is meant to complete. The only negative I found was that I felt the standard for this kit was too dilute (4 pg/ml - 500 pg/ml) for my needs. As a result it was necessary for me to dilute my samples by a significant amount.

The kit is reasonably and competitively priced when compared to other ELISA kits. With this in mind, and the excellent precision and repetition of results coming from the kit, I recommend that others try the eBioscience Human IL-8 ELISA, Ready-SET-Go! Kit for themselves.

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Human IL-8 ELISA Ready-SET-Go! by eBioscience
The Good

This kit is easy to use, precise, and avoids confusion with the color coding system for the antibodies.

The Bad

Standards provided may be too dilute and may force you to dilute your samples a significant amount.

The Bottom Line

The kit is a reasonably priced way to efficiently determine (with good accuracy and minimal problems) the amount of IL8 being produced by your cultured cells.