UV-1700 Spectrophotometer From Shimadzu

UV-1700 Spectrophotometer From Shimadzu
It could be said that spectroscopy-based applications fall into two broad categories: Analytical determinations and routine quality control of sample preparations. The Shimadzu UV-1700 spectrophotometer is suitable for both of these uses as it integrates accuracy, simplicity, and long-life among its features.

Probably the main asset of the Shimadzu UV-1700 spectrophotometer is its 1 nm resolution for spectral bandwidth in the scan mode (which can be one order of magnitude lower at a fixed wavelength setting). Such wavelength accuracy results in higher resolution and clearer readout of absorbance spectra with respect to other instruments in the same category. The wide wavelength range (190 to 1100 nm) and photometric range (Abs –0.5 to +3.0) make this spectrophotometer good for many different kinds of assays requiring UV/VIS excitation. The UV-1700 spectrophotometer reliability stems also from a nice photometric accuracy and repeatability (± 0.002 and ± 0.001, respectively, at 0.5 ABS as declared by Shimadzu). It is worth mentioning that double beam optics are linked to double cuvette holders; this allows for real time background subtraction. Alternatively, base line can be subtracted based on a computer. All of the above in spectrophotometer that measures 550 x 470 x 380 mm and weighs 17 kg. The Shimadzu UV-1700 spectrophotometer is PC-compatible, but it is not PC-driven and it has its own LCD display and function keys.

I routinely perform RNA and DNA extractions and need to assess nucleic acid purity and concentration. Like me, most of the users do not utilize this spec for very sophisticated applications. Nonetheless, we enjoy the simple features that make this instrument user-friendly. In addition, the high sensitivity of this instrument allows us to save sample for our experiments: We need much less nucleic acid than with the previous instrument. What we really ask of this device is sensitivity, reliability and that it is user-friendly. To this regard, I found several of the automatic quality control check-ups very useful: Installation and Operational Qualifications at start-up, light source automatic position adjustment. These features are of particular relevance since the instrument is placed in a common room and daily exposed to “promiscuous” use.

I cannot comment on the performance of Shimadzu UV-1700 spectrophotometer when dealing with samples characterized by very high dilutions or complex spectra. However, I would conclude that this instrument offers a valuable mix of precision, simplicity and resistance suitable for a flexible blend of applications and needs.

Research Associate
Department of Histology and Medical Embryology
University of Rome, La Sapienza
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UV-1700 Spectrophotometer From Shimadzu
The Good


The Bad

Takes quite bit of space for a benchtop instrument.

The Bottom Line

It is a good instrument, ideal for heavily used or shared facilities.